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Witness classic sophistication at the Old Car Show and spectacular surfing at the Vic Bay Classic. Celebrate family time at our Strawberry Festival and join in the jol as the George Tens Rugby.

Outeniqua Sport Stadium, George

George Tens

Outeniqua Park is hosting the inaugural George Tens Rugby Festival. Featuring some of the country’s most popular music acts as well as a beer tent and wine experience, squads and fans alike, will gather from across the country to play their favourite sports, experience the vibe, have fun, forge new friendships and share a couple of cold ones! Contact: __[]( | __[]( | __[+27 71 457 2696](tel:0027714572696)__ | __[Outeniqua Sports Stadium]( 12/2/2021 - 12/5/2021
Step Aside, George

Uncle's George Christmas Party

Meet Santa and the Fairy, Noddy and his friends, all at the fairy's magical castle. Mom and dad can register online before 30 September 2021 and choose 5 dates then Santa's helpers will send an invite. R100 per person. Contact: __[]( | __[]( | __[+27 71 433 6961](tel:0027714336961)__ | __[Step Aside,George]( 12/9/2021 - 12/23/2021

Bianca Buitendag Girls Social Surf

The social surf will consist of various activities, and participants will be able to take part in a range of activities, allocated to accommodate 250 girls within the time period. Activities consist of warm-up exercises, surf lessons, nail painting, hair braiding, hula-hoop, yoga and even a Q&A Session with Bianca Buitendag. The day is aimed at inspiring young female surfers to reach for their dreams in surfing and become future stars of surfing. Photographer Credit: Ian Thurtell. Contact: __[]( | __[+27 79 887 6344](tel:0027798876344)__ | __[Victoria Bay, George]( 12/11/2021 - 12/11/2021
Redberry Farm

Boerevintage Gift Market

Boere vintage Gift Market will once again have a gift pop-up market at the fantastic Redberry Farm in Geelhoutboom, George. It will run for 11 days and will be open every day from 09h00 till 18h00 except on Sundays when they are closed. Entry Free! Contact: __[]( | __[]( | __[+27 83 398 0205](tel:0027833980205)__ | __[Redberry Farm, George](| 12/16/2021 - 12/22/2021
Herold Wines

Red Men Trail Run 2022

A beautiful trail run in the Outeniqua Mountains start and finish at Herold Wines. Choose between the 12km and 18km, or 5km fun run. 1/8/2022 - 1/8/2022

George Old Car Show

The new car dealers are invited to display their latest models. Contact: __[]( | __[]( | __[+27 76 764 0897](tel:0027767640897)__ | __[Eden Technical High School, George]( 2/12/2022 - 2/13/2022

George OCC Event

The Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge (OCC) has grown into a highly popular annual sports event, each year drawing more and more entries. And this year, it won’t be different. Taking place on 9 October, the endurance and resilience of the human spirit will once again be displayed. During this race, disabled athletes gather with their wheelchairs, adapted bicycles, hand cycles, basketball chairs and ordinary wheelchairs to put their stamina to the test. Time and again it’s a sight to behold and super motivational. Contact: __[]( | __[]( | __[+27 82 457 5675](tel:0027824575675)__ 3/5/2022

Barefoot Champs

Enjoy rugby as players shows off their deadly footwork on the field. Contact: __[]( | __[+27 71 457 2696](tel:0027714572696)__ | __[Outeniqua Park Rugby Stadium, George]( 3/27/2022 - 4/1/2022

Feral Eden Duo 24

A 24 hour Duo (Pairs), GPS navigated, multi-disciplined race. This includes trail running, kloofing, mountain hiking, paddling and mountain biking. There will be no ropework, zip lines or other obstacles. The race will take the top athletes 12-14 Hours and the last teams 20-24 hours.Contact: __[]( | __[]( | __[+27 83 449 0760](0027834490760)__ 10/15/2022 - 10/17/2022